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Holly's Philosophy

holly macy 01My dedication toward client’s horses and my own is imperative - It has been, and is to-date the most important part of my life. A life-long goal to provide every rider and horse the utmost professional service.

I have always believed that quality horsemanship is the key to training a horse at any level. My mother passed on to me the gift of horsemanship at a very young age of four, which instilled in me the fulfillment of caring and enjoying the art.

She always taught me that it takes a great deal of patience and time to achieve favorable results when working with your horse. It is extremely important that the rider recognizes the horse’s abilities when training, and allowing it to develop to its fullest potential, at an appropriate pace. 
holly macy 02

Relaxation and stretching are a major component of my dressage training techniques at every level. You can’t force a horse to relax; you have to encourage them. Through my training methods and exercises, I am able to teach the horse to unlock itself, allowing it to relax naturally. Thorough and consistent stretching exercises also encourage the horse to find its own balance and self-carriage. This technique helps the horse create a better natural jump whether it be in cross-country or show-jumping.

After many years of competing successfully on my own horses, my passion and desire of helping other people with theirs has continued to grow exponentially. I truly enjoy watching riders reach their goals, no matter how big or small that might be.

The training techniques I use are designed to create a harmonious connection between horse and rider. When this connection is established, it ultimately allows the rider and horse to teach each other new movements, which creates happiness for both. This alone is what motivates me on a daily basis. After all, Team Work Makes The Dream Work!